Community College Leadership

Ph.D. in Community College Leadership

The Ph.D. in Community College Leadership readies professionals for leadership in community colleges with a comprehensive online curriculum.

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The Community College Leadership PhD Program awards five fellowships of $15,000 each year. The process is competitive and is based on materials submitted for admission including an interview with faculty. A separate fellowship application is not required. The $15,000 fellowship will be distributed across the student’s time in the program. Recipients are required to be currently employed in a community college and maintain employment in a community college through completion of the degree.

M. A. in Teaching in Community College Education (M.A.T.)

The Master's in Teaching for Community College Education program emphasizes teaching expertise, community college philosophy, diversity, and adult learning within its curriculum.

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M.S. in Workforce Education Leadership

The Master's in Workforce Education Leadership readies professionals for workforce education roles in post-secondary institutions and social services via distance learning.

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