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Virtual Reality Lab

Join us for some virtual exploration!

ISWD: Virtual Reality Lab

Bringing the virtual world to the classroom, the ISWD Virtual Reality (VR) lab offers students, educators, professionals, and community members a chance to learn and create within a virtual space. In our lab, users can apply, assess, and improve their skills using state of the art VR-technology! This technology allows users to not only experience the "fun" of everything a VR world has to offer but also examine the real-world applications - such as virtual simulations of dangerous or costly processes without real-world consequences.  

Who can benefit from Virtual Reality?

Here is a sample of some of the benefits students, educators, and industry members can gain from using our virtual reality lab.

  • Educators
    • Practical:
      • VR-based interactive lectures have been proven to offer the opportunity "step into" simulations of real-world learning environments where they can apply, assess, and improve skills in a safe and controlled environment.
      • Giving students access to content and skill practice outside of the classroom
    • Research:



  • All users must complete a quick "Lab & Safety Training Session" before using any equipment in the VR lab.
  • The VR lab offers scheduled lab time (individual stations or entire room) for free to the MSU student and faculty community (as availability allows).
    • No training or outside guidance will be offered for these sessions, this is simply reserving the space.
  • Extended use, outside community, and professional members may be asked to pay a fee. 
  • Individual or group training sessions may be offered (as availability allows) for a fee.

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