Master of Science in Instructional Technology

Jasmine"My experience helped me fine-tune my skills and learn more about the things that I enjoy learning about. Without this experience, I don't think I would have the desire to learn about new and emerging technology." -Jasmine Harris-Speight,'14,'19 Extension Associate II, Mississippi State University



" I wish that I had known about the program sooner but glad that I completed it when I did because I learned so much about many of the new programs and concepts that are coming to light now that education has been forced to examine the aspects of the digital ecosystem." -Justin Putnam,'04,'18 Instructional Technology Coach, Confluence Academies

The MSIT is designed for educators or industry professionals who are interested in the use of instructional technology to support effective learning in education and other learning environments. 

Who Should Apply?

Multimedia Classroom

  • P-12 teachers who are interested in integrating technology into instruction and sharing your technology expertise at their school.
  • P-12 teachers who want to become technology and instructional leaders in their school district.
  • K-6 teachers who are interested in obtaining a K-6 endorsement in computer science.
  • Industry professionals and highly-motivated undergraduate students who are interested in the effective use of technology in educational and corporate settings.

Core Course Topics Include:

  • Instructional design, multimedia design, distance education, and foundations of instructional technology

  • Management, Evaluation, and Assessment of Learning with Technology

  • Directed Project and Portfolio Development

Concentration Areas to Choose From Include:

  • Instructional Design 

  • Educational Technology 

  • Workforce Development

Did You Know…       Girl with laptop

  • This degree is completely online.

  • There are fellowships available
  • Your courses will be taught by our highly qualified and caring faculty.

  • Potential careers include instructional designer, training specialist, K-12 technology coordinator, multimedia developer, and distance education coordinator.

  • If you are a K-12 teacher who holds a standard renewable Mississippi Educator license, this degree program will lead to an upgrade to an AA license; however, it does not lead to initial licensure.
  • If you earn 24 credit hours of technology courses, you will be qualified to teach for a community college.
  • If you are a junior or senior student at MSU with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, you may benefit from enrolling in our Accelerated Program, which permits you to earn up to 15 hours of graduate-level coursework during your final year of undergraduate studies. 

Admission Requirements

  • Application form

  • Three letters of recommendation

  • Statement of purpose

  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended

  • Currently no GRE test scores are required

  • Domestic Application Deadlines are July 1st for fall enrollment, November 1st for spring enrollment and May 1st for summer enrollment. See the MSIT Admissions page for more information.

Required Courses (18 Hours)

Course Number Course Title Hours
TECH 8843 Foundations of Instructional Systems and Technology 3
TECH 8823 Design, Delivery and Management of Distance Education 3
TECH 8623 Instructional Design I 3
TECH 8543 Multimedia Design I 3
TECH 8533 Evaluation and Assessment of Instructional Systems and Technology 3
TECH 8793 Directed Project and Portfolio Development 3

Concentration Areas (Choose One)

Instructional Design (9 Hours)
Course Number Course Title Hours
TECH 8723 Instructional Design II 3
TECH 8523 Project Management in Instructional Design 3
TECH 8643 Multimedia Design II



Educational Technology (9 Hours)
Course Number Course Title Hours
TECH 4763/6763 Digital Tools for 21st Century Teaching and Learning 3
TECH 4583/6583 Graphics and Web Design 3
TECH 4333/6333 Introduction to Computer Science Education 3


Instructional Systems and Workforce Development (9 Hours)
Course Number Course Title Hours
TECH 6263 Diversity in Work and Educational Environments 3
TECH 8233 Analysis of Workforce Education Programs and Survey Research in Workforce Development 3
TECH 8713 Research in Instructional Systems and Workforce Development 3


Thesis hours/Non-thesis Electives 6
Total Hours: 33



Non-Thesis Option Electives (6 hours)

Thesis Option Electives (6 hours)

  • TECH 8000 Thesis hours

The courses selected for the individual program emphasis are determined jointly by the student, major professor, and graduate committee based on individual student goals.

The time limit on credits earned that can be accepted toward fulfilling requirements for the MSIT degree is eight years. The time limit begins when the first course on the program is taken. One-half (or more) of the hours on the graduate program exclusive of thesis credit must be 8000 level or above.

Not more than six semester hours of graduate credit earned in Directed Individual Studies (7000) courses or six semester hours of Special Topics (6990, 8990) courses may be included on the student's approved degree program. Not more than nine semester hours of a combination of Directed Individual Studies and Special Topic courses may be included on the student's approved degree program.


Each student is responsible for knowing and completing all requirements established for his or her degree by the University, college, and department. A student′s advisor does not assume that responsibility. Any substitution, waiver, or exemption from any established departmental or college requirement or academic standard is accomplished only with the approval of the student′s academic college dean. Exceptions to University requirements, including the general education (core) requirements, are authorized only with the approval of the student′s dean and the dean of the Graduate School.