Ariel Johnson

Ariel Johnson
Ariel Johnson

Controls Engineer at Yokohoma Tire


What is your hometown?

State Line,MS

Why did you choose Mississippi State? Why did you choose INDT?

I chose MSU because they have the best engineering program in MS. I switched to INDT because I’m more of a hands on type person, the major is more broad, and the opportunities are endless.

What was your favorite class/memory/moment while earning your degree in INDT/MST?

Advanced Electronics with Mr. Mickey was my favorite class. The 2017 HOY Party is my favorite memory

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to new INDT/MST students about the programs or about college in general?

Always be your best you! Success doesn’t happen on accident and there are NO limitations.

What advice would you give students as they enter the program?

Develop a relationship with ALL of your teachers. It’ll go way further than you think.