Dr. Maresha E. Allen

Dr. Maresha E. Allen
Dr. Maresha E. Allen

What is your current job title? Company name?

Dr. Maresha E. Allen is the Founder and Sole Proprietor of the eCommerce business MEASAX.com (dba MEA’S GIFTS). As a business owner and musician, her website is used as a platform to promote her original music, spread the gospel, educate, fundraise, and sell various products.

Why did you choose Mississippi State? What was your major/concentration?

My educational and professional backgrounds are in Music Education and Music Technology. I served as a Collegiate Instructor for Music Technology while earning my Master’s Degree.  Mississippi State offered a Ph.D. program in Education Technology (later named Instructional Systems and Workforce Development). Therefore, I wanted to combine my music background with education technology. The two subject areas encompassed many similarities in teaching with technology. I felt it was the perfect fit for my educational experiences. 

What was your favorite class/memory/instructor/moment while earning your degree?

I am creative and love to use technology to create various projects. During my time at Mississippi State, I took Dr. Anthony Olinzock’s course ( TKT 6753 Presenting with Media) and Dr. Chien Yu’s course (TKT 8743 Interactive Media). I enjoyed these courses as I was able to use my creativity to make instructional videos, animation (using Camtasia and PowerPoint), and incorporate music and audio to enhance the projects.

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to new students about the programs or about college in general?

Enjoy your time in college and learn to find the balance between exploring a social life and your education. There will be time for joining organizations and experiencing all of the wonderful opportunities that college has to offer. Be sure to dedicate a considerable amount of time to your academic obligations. As a graduate student, joining a Collegiate Honor Society (i.e. Kappa Delta Pi) can be beneficial throughout your academic journey. It’s a great networking source for opportunities and guidance.

What advice would you give students as they enter the workplace?

Find your passion. When you start a career that you are passionate about, you not only enjoy your work but are more likely to succeed in your occupational endeavors.

What are some of your hobbies/interests?

I am a musician by profession. Therefore, my hobbies include writing and recording music. As a business owner, I am always finding ways to enhance my music business and craft as a performer.

If you could say one thing about your experience what would you say?

My experiences have allowed me to earn degrees in Music Education, Music Technology, and Instructional Systems and Workforce Development.  I now have the choice to pursue a collegiate academic career in Music Technology or Instructional/Education Technology.